Eucalyptus Tea for Respiratory Health

BuddhaTeas Eucalyptus Tea for Respiratory Health

For centuries, we have relied on herbal remedies to help us quickly and effectively relieve many common sicknesses and health problems. One herbal remedy that has been popularly used for ages and is still being widely used today is eucalyptus tea. This medicinal tea is well known for its antibacterial uses which can help relieve and prevent a number of illnesses and infections.

This is also specifically useful for keeping up good respiratory health as well. Drinking eucalyptus tea is excellent for relieving many respiratory ailments such as sore throat and for strengthening the respiratory system in general.

How Eucalyptus Tea Helps

There are many helpful constituents in eucalyptus tea which make it useful for aiding with respiratory health. An important compound that is found in eucalyptus tea is cineole, which is an active ingredient in the eucalyptus plant which works as an expectorant would. Cineole is good for fighting off respiratory infections and for alleviating a cough. There are also many tannins and flavonoids in eucalyptus tea which have an antibacterial effect and can help rid the respiratory system of infection.

Using Eucalyptus Tea

This herbal remedy is ideal for remedying colds, bronchitis, and viral infections of the respiratory system. Use eucalyptus tea as a decongestant or to ease inflammation and pain in the throat. Aside from drinking this tea, even inhaling the vapor from a hot cup of eucalyptus tea offers soothing properties for the throat and lungs. Studies today continue to reveal even more uses for this herbal remedy, though there is still not enough evidence to show whether or not drinking this tea is safe during pregnancy. For this reason it is advised to not drink this tea if you are pregnant or nursing. It is also advised to consult with a doctor prior to using eucalyptus tea for medical purposes to ensure that this tea is the best solution for you.

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